Do you have skin cancer? Early Detection is the Key.

Our Clinic offers thorough skin checks and treatment at the one convenient site at 174 Hancock Rd Ridgehaven in the north eastern suburbs of Adelaide.

Do you have an urgent concern? We offer a Priority Spot Check by our Dermoscopist, Jodie, between 9am - 3pm daily and pledge to find an appointment for you within a few days. The $25 fee attracts no rebate.

We are fortunate to live in Australia, the lucky country. At work, at home, at leisure, exposure to our Australian sun is part of our lifestyle.

We can best manage the dangers of our inevitable sun exposure by wearing sensible clothing, hats and sunscreens and have a regular skin cancer check by an experienced skin cancer doctor.

Don't trust in self diagnosis.  Our  experienced skin cancer doctor is trained to recognise those early skin cancers. Skin cancer is not just about moles. Areas that are red, dry, scaly, raised or itchy all have the potential to be skin cancers.

The Redgum Skin Cancer Clinic offers its services in a friendly environment with respect for your modesty.  The clinic also has a well equipped surgical theatre and theatre staff on site. Our usual opening hours are: Monday - Friday  8.30am to 5.00pm and closed  on Public Holidays.  We are also closed on alternate Wednesdays.



Skin Cancer

A thorough skin check takes only 15 minutes.


Due to the simplicity of the surgery, a vasectomy usually takes less than 30 minutes.


Our service covers males of all ages - from infants (under 2 weeks old) through to adults of any age.